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Umazuki! ep.28 Summary Translation - Maiyan, Nanamin & Sayurin slapping segment!


For the last three episode of Umazuki! (that is ep #26~#28, 2013.06.29 + 07.06 + 07.13), Nanamin & Sayurin were presented alongside with Maiyan! Some interesting development occurred, & Maiyan, Nanamin, & Sayurin get to slap someone in the face! With that in mind, I decided to do a summary translation based on what I heard from others, & to provide some background info to all this~ Keep in mind, this is not word for word, so plz be mindful there might be errors~

So with episode #26, we have the top trio of Maiyan, Nanamin, & Sayurin invited to Umazuki! again! The segment this time around is a contest to moved the top trio to tears by telling them a moving story (horse-racing related of course), & the contestants who can achieve this will win ¥100,000!

This segment is inspired by Nanamin, because the last time the top trio came (back in #21, 2013.05.25), Nanamin was moved to tears by a story told by Tsuchiya Nobuyuki (土屋伸之)!
Image Image Image Image Image 
"Its hot, isn't it?" said Nanamin at that time. ("atsui desu ne?" third picture)

So four individuals are tasked to tell a moving story! These are, in the order in which they spoke, Kawashima Akira (川島明), Saitou Shinji (斉藤慎二), Tsuchiya Nobuyuki (土屋伸之), & Ogi Hiroaki (小木博明) himself. Ogi's comedy duo partner, Yahagi Ken (矢作兼), hosted the contest.

So Akira told his story first, & in spectacular fashion he moved Nanamin & later Sayurin to tears!
He also received ¥100,000 in rewards as a result!
Image Image Image Image Image Image

After that, its Shinji's turn to tell his story. This is the important part!
Before he begins, he first complimented Nanamin, saying that in addition to being an idol, she is an actress that will be starring in Getsukyuu (月9, Monday 9:00 p.m.) dorama (referring to Summer Nude), & that henceforth her future is bright!

Shinji proceed to compliment Maiyan, saying in addition to being an idol, she is a model (referring to her many magazine appearances & role as official model for Ray). Not only that, she is now the centre! Therefore her future is bright!

Shinji then moved on to Sayurin, saying... "Sayuringo, continues to work hard!"(さゆりんごも 一生懸命 頑張ってる!)This hurt Sayurin's feeling, causing her to cry! Host Yahagi also cried foul, saying that's not in line with the rule!
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To be fair, Shinji seems realy sorry after making Sayurin cry. But still, >:|
Anyways he proceeded to said his story, & did not moved the three anyways. Sayurin teared up a bit again, but only because she was thinking about his earlier comment. Shinji did not won the reward.

That ended ep #26! In #27, Nobuyuki told his story in spetacular fashion, & won the prize! Ogi's performance was lacklustre once again lol. He did made a serious-looking pitch to viewers to buy the Garuru single, which is nice of him. Ogi is noticeably not pervy with the top trio presented, quite a difference compared to when he's around Kojiharu. For that I'm glad, altho I would prefer it if he's just not pervy altogether lol.

As for who did best & worst, here's a ranking:
1. Tsuchiya Nobuyuki (土屋伸之)
2. Kawashima Akira (川島明)
3. Saitou Shinji (斉藤慎二)
4. Ogi Hiroaki (小木博明)

Lastly its episode #28! The first half was a class segment with Maiyan, Kojiharu, & the Ogi-Yahagi duo. After that, they continued on with the contest segment! The contest was over, & Yahagi suggested that there be a punishment for Shinji for hurting Sayurin's feeling. He suggested a punishment game, where the trio will have to slap Shinji in the face!

Yahagi asked the three if any one of them have experience in slapping someone. To this, Nanamin raised her hand, & said back in elementary school, she hit boys for not cleaning up the classroom! XD
Image Image 

So she slapped Shinji once!
Image Image Image

To which Shinji replied "I can take more!!"(もっとこ来い)
Nanamin was like "Orz" lol
Image Image

The guest encouraged her to strike a second time! To which Shinji replied again "I can take more!"(まだまだだ) Reactions were: Nanamin: Orz again, Sayurin: /(>o<)\ ,& Maiyan: (>/\<)
Image Image Image 

Yagahi now asked Maiyan to strike! Maiyan does not have experience slapping people, but state that since she plays softballs, this should help her. Maiyan's slap was the weakest however, & Shinji said "I can continue!"(まだ いけるぞ)Reactions were: Maiyan: Orz, Sayurin: /(>o<)\ ,& Nanamin: (>/\<)
Image Image Image Image Image Image 

So Ngzk's last hope is Sayurin! Do not underestimate Ringo-hime however! She may not have experience slapping people, but she have volleyball experience!!!
Image Image Image 

& finally, Sayuringo-Slap!
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image 

This one was powerful enough to knock Shinji to his knee! His words now is "I cannot feel here anymore."(こっち 感覺かないぞ)

Animated recap of the three slaps!

The reaction:

& Yahagi said from now on Ngzk can leave all the slapping to Sayuringo with no prob. XD

Some people say this was more like a reward than a punishment lol. I must say Shingi does look like he's enjoying himself. But anyways, that was rather fun methink. XD

You can watch actual slapping footage here on DM  (alrdy set to right time);

You can also watch the actual video on Youku,
or on FC2after the 17:10 mark!

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