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Gigashaki discussions with Shiraishi Mai, Hashimoto Nanami, & Matsumura Sayuri

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The Megashaki official site have been updated with a new produce called Gigashaki! As you can see above, the top trio of Maiyan, Sayurin, & Nanamin are presented in the commercial for Gigashaki (which is a segment after the original Megashaki commercial)!

In addition to the actual commercial, the official site also uploaded three videos of the top trio discussing various topics, & two videos where they gone around the commercial's shooting studio getting people to drink Gigashaki lol. Of interest is two of the 3 discussion videos, where they talked about other Ngzk members! So below here is a a summary translation for those two particular videos! \(^o^)/

ギガシャキ スペシャル讨论会 Part 1 - ミスギガシャキは谁?
Youku backup:

For the first discussion, the top trio were invited to discuss who should be Miss Gigashaki~ \(^o^)/

Maiyan started off by suggesting Ikoma, saying how she always seems very genki (energetic). Nanamin next suggested Maimai~ According to Nanamin, Maimai is a very rigorous person, & that for whatever activities she will always be up one & a half hours before the it. By the time of the activity Maimai is fully prepared. To this Sayurin exclaimed that she thinks being up half an hour before the event is more than enough, & was rather surprised that Maimai prepare one & a half hour in advance. Considering how well-prepared Maimai always is for anything, Nanamin thinks she is a candidate with the appropriate image to be Miss Gigashaki!

Lastly Sayurin suggested that Hinapyon for Miss Gigashaki! For those of you that are unaware, Hinapyon refers to Kawago Hina, she have never made it to senbatsu thus far. I'll talk more about this in the after-thoughts.

Anyways, Hinapyon is truly amazingu! Despite being only 16 y.o., they say Hinapyon is very reliable; she have very good temper & don't get emotional, no matter what the circumstances are. The three also agree that Hinapyon is really good at expressing herself (think MC), & say how she will never refuse being asked out by any members. Also, according to Nanamin, she only sleeps two hours per day (!?), but does not show any signs of being tired or anything & is otherwise completely normal! This last point was very surprising to Maiyan btw lol. All in all, the three showered Hinapyon with praise, saying how she is very mature for her young age!

With all that being said (the talked about Hinapyon for over a good half of the video methink), the top trio unanimously agree that Hinapyon should be Miss Gigashaki! After the decision was made, Sayurin also commented on how even the Gigashaki bottle look somewhat like Hinapyon too lol XD. Anyways with all that concluded the three proceeded to call on phone Hinapyon to congratulate her on being selected Miss Gigashaki~ \(^o^)/

ギガシャキ Sp討論会 3 - ギガシャキを飲ませたいメンバーは?
Youku back:

For the third video, the top trio discussed who they think most need to drink Gigashaki!

Nanamin started off by suggesting Ikuchan, saying how she always seems very tired when attending lessons (by lessons she was most likely referring to Ngzk's singing & dancing lessons.) Nanamin said while Ikuchan attended lessons, she also have to tend to her busy schooling (& let us not forget her piano lessons), so that Nanamin feels that Ikuchan really need to take a sip.

Sayurin followed up by suggesting Hinachima. This refers to Higuchi Hina btw, not Kawago. Sayurin sure like to recommend members named Hina lol. Hinachima have unfortunately yet to enter senbatsu too, like Hinapyon.

Hinachima is pretty much like Ikuchan according to Sayurin. She attends to every lessons, but also have schooling to mind too. She always look very tired like Ikuchan, & Nanamin commented on how they often see the two working on their homework in the resting area.

Lastly Maiyan suggested that Hoshimina should take a sip (Sayurin was like "nante nante nante nanate?", meaning "why?" x4 lol), but for very different reasons. In contrast to the above two being exhausted & therefore should take a sip, Maiyan wants Minami to drink Gigashaki because she want to see her put more effort into working lol. Compared to the above-mentioned two, the top trio realized they never saw her working on her homework. They also noted how she often have time to eat snacks at night, but yet failed to update her blog regularly. All in all, despite being very kawaii, the three agree they want to see a harder-working Minami & proclaimed her the member most needing to drink Gigashaki~

Some personal thoughts~
Hinapyon seemed very capable of expressing herself in what little that was seen of her, most notably from her NogiKoko appearance where she MC-ed while riding on a water-roller-coaster thingy. Her most recent appearance in the latest Doko episode (ep.92, 2013.07.14) also garnered a lot of praise by Japanese fans, complimenting her for being interesting & memorable. All things considered maybe she have leadership potential if not for her young age lol. Methink she have a lot of untapped potential.

That being said I'm sure many unders have untapped potential too, Hinachima being another for examples. Hopefully they can get their chance at senbatsu very soon. It is also interesting to note that for both discussions Sayurin nominated a regular-under for the questions. This might not mean much, but it might mean Sayurin have good relationships, or at least cares for, those regular-unders. I don't know about you, but I'm glad to have noticed this. ^___^

There are three additional videos, you can find them in the Gigashaki official site, or click below~

ギガシャキ Sp討論会 2 - ギガシャキが欲しかった思い出No 1は?

ギガシャキッとさせ队が行く Part 1

ギガシャキッとさせ队が行く Part 2

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