Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Featured Article - the Mature & Sophisticated Hashimoto Nanami

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A post dedicated to the confident & carefree...

Hashimoto Nanami

also known as Nanamin.

There are many interesting members in Nogizaka. There are the talented, the beautiful, the cute, the funny, the dork, & more. And than there's Nanamin, someone calm, mature, yet also funny & odd. Someone uniquely artistic, & maybe not so much. To her fans, Hashimoto Nanami is mature & sophisticated. Fiercely independent, Nanamin decided to study art school despite her parents' disapproval. However, Nanamin is not someone simply cool; she can be quirky, funny, scared, & friendly as well. I guess words simply cannot fully describe her. Of course, there are many things to like about Nanamin that can be listed. With that in mind, I invite to come & learn more about one of Nogizaka's powerhouse, Hashimoto Nanami!

NOGIBINGO! Ep.04 English Subtitle

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Hardsub Video

Friday, July 26, 2013

2013.07.24 Monthly B.L.T. - Shiraishi Mai

Featured Article - the Talented yet Dorky Ikuta Erika

Original post from JPHIP, posted on 2012.10.12, updated with with working videos & some altered wordings.

My 1st Featured Articles, 
Dedicated to the Talented & Determined
Ikuta Erika
also known as Ikuchan, Erika-sama.

When I first start taking interest in Nogizaka, I didn't really take note of Ikuchan.
But as I begin to follow Nogizaka more closely, it just become literally impossible to not notice her!
The amount of talents Ikuchan hold is unreal. Ultimately, however, this in itself is not what make her my nogi-oshi, but rather is a combination of talents, failing amusingly (& still be cute), & most importantly her characters. So to start off:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Umazuki! ep.28 Summary Translation - Maiyan, Nanamin & Sayurin slapping segment!


For the last three episode of Umazuki! (that is ep #26~#28, 2013.06.29 + 07.06 + 07.13), Nanamin & Sayurin were presented alongside with Maiyan! Some interesting development occurred, & Maiyan, Nanamin, & Sayurin get to slap someone in the face! With that in mind, I decided to do a summary translation based on what I heard from others, & to provide some background info to all this~ Keep in mind, this is not word for word, so plz be mindful there might be errors~