Friday, June 7, 2013

2013.07 G FLASH - Shiraishi Mai

Nogizaka46's Covers & Tracklist for「Girl's Rule」

The CD track listing for Nogizaka46's 6th single Girl's Rule」has been revealed. "Sekai de Ichiban Kodoku na Lover" is on every type of the single just as Shakiism was in the last single. That song is used as an insert song for the drama Bad Boys J. On Type A is the song "Koumori yo"; Type B "Senpuuki", and "Hoka no Hoshi Kara" on type C. In addition, "Ningen To Iu Gakki" will be the song present on the Regular edition.

The DVD content on Type A is a digest of "16 Nin no Principal" at Parco. On Type B there is an Athletic competition bonus video, and on Type C it is the making of "Girl's Rule".  More details to come.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

「Girl's Rule」 PV

Vimeo (password: noginouta )


Official YouTube (requires proxy to view outside of Japan)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

16 Nin no Principal Deux 6/2 (Night) Results

16 Nin no Principal Deux 6/2 (Noon) Results

Nogizaka46 Announces their National Tour for August!

It has been decided that Nogizaka46 will have a live tour across five large cities in Japan in late August.

This surprise was announced today at the end of the "16 Nin no Principal Deux" theatrical performances conducted in the Umeda Arts Theater at Osaka today on 6/2. This sudden announcement was unknown to captain Sakurai Reika as well as the other members. When it was suddenly released, the members lit up with delight on the stage!

Vivi 2013.07

BOMB 2013.06 - Hashimoto Nanami