Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013.12 Samurai ELO

2013.12 Myojo - Shiraishi Mai

web R25, Girl of the Week - Shiraishi Mai

Original interview article from web R25& thanks to 靡姽婳 from Baidu for the original Mandarin translation! \(^o^)/
Don't miss the five other great pictures below the interview in addition to the top one!

Shiraishi Mai, Girl of the Week
Despite giving off a cool impression, is actually someone who even enjoys batsu game thoroughly 

Nogizaka46's Shiraishi Mai-chan is to star in the movie adaption of the popular drama, Bad Boys J the Movie - Something to protect till the end

Friday, November 1, 2013

7th single 「Barrette」 Covers and Tracklist Revealed


         The tracklist and covers for Nogizaka46's 7th single 「Barrette」 have been revealed. Tsuki no Ookisa, Naruto Shippuden's opening theme since October, will be the coupling song on all types, and its MV, featuring the senbatsu members, on type A; Hatsukoi wo Ima demo is the Under members song on type C. Like with the 4th single, an Anime edition is included. The covers feature the 7th single Hachi Fukujin and the new center, 2nd generation member Hori Miona. The individual bonus videos are also back this time, in the same way as the five first singles; the previews for each member are also available (Kashiwa and Miyazawa aren't included due to their graduation; 2nd generation, apart from Hori who has her own, also have bonus video introductions, although no preview for it; same with Ichiki's video).
     The 7th single is scheduled to be released on November 27th, 2013. Check out the full MVs below, as well as the individual previews!