Friday, November 16, 2012

Wakatsuki Yumi: Story of Eyelid Surgery

               On Nov. 14th, Wakatsuki Yumi admitted to receiving eyelid surgery in her first year of high school. She stated that she had Epiblepharon, or inverted eyelashes, a medical condition in which your eyelashes grow into your eyes instead of outwards. This leads to the eyelashes scratching your cornea. Her doctor told her that it would contribute to blindness if untreated. Yumi said that there were other treatments to cure inverted eyelids, such as burning off the eyelashes or cutting them off; however, they were only temporary. She hopes that she can speak out to the people with the same condition by voicing out her cosmetic procedure.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nogizaka 4th Single Quiz

Nogizaka will be holding a Portrait event where you get to be drawn by the members on November 18th (Sunday) somewhere in Tokyo.

To win special tickets, you need to figure out the title of their 4th single which contains 9 characters.
It's a random lottery out of the people who've guessed it right and only 5 are chosen.
The deadline is 11/5 at 18:00 JST

If you live in Japan and want to participate, navigate the crossword to find each members videos where they will be giving clues.

This also marks Iwase Yumiko's last event as a Nogizaka member.
The 4th single will be revealed next week!