Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nogizaka46 at GirlsAward 2013 Autumn/Winter

Nogizaka was at GirlsAward 2013 Autumn/Winter! In fact the fashion walk part was live streamed. The above videos are captured from said live stream. Unfortunately the performance part was not streamed; the three songs performed were Seifuku no Mannequin, Oide Shampoo, & Girl's Rule, in this order.

In addition to the videos, there are also a great deal of pictures of the fashion walks, from entertainment newslets such as Tokyo Pop, & Natalie! For convenience's sake, all the images have been uploaded to the Nogizaka no Uta minus account! Here's the gallery for the fashion pictures, & here's the performance gallery.

Below are one image for each of the girls who did the fashion walk.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Umazuki! ep.37 Summary Translation - Telling lies part from real horse race stories! with Maiyan, Nanamin & Sayurin!

Once again on Umazuki! Nanamin & Sayurin were presented alongside with Maiyan! This time around, the trio will be tasked with figuring out who is lying; presenting a fake story! Keep in mind, this is a Summary Translation, not word for word, so plz be mindful there might be errors~

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Featured Article - the Alluring yet Mellow Sakurai Reika

Original post from JPHIP, posted on 2013.05.17, updated & expanded with altered wordings & more contents!

A post dedicated to the alluring yet mellow...

Sakurai Reika

Nogizaka's dear captain.

Regardless of which group one follows, there is always that special member that is revered & respected, that hold special responsibilities different from all other members. For Nogizaka, it is no different that there is a captain. What that is different tho, is instead of being revered & respected, she is known more as someone who is sporty yet mellow, someone who can dance alluringly & sing rly well; & someone who fails embarrassingly but cutely at her gags. Here's introducing a captain that members can tease at, Nogizaka's dear & unique captain Sakurai Reika!

Kishidan Banpaku Festival 2013.09.14 Setlist


2013.11 KERA - Ikoma Rina & Inoue Sayuri

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saito Yuri, 16 year old~

Name: Yunyan♡ (ゆうにゃん♡) Age: 16
Region: Tachikawa Occupation: High School Student
Height: 155 c.m.

High school 2nd year. Loves shopping. Likes Nishino Kana-chan & Hamasaki Ayumi-chan. Theme is "fluffy ribbon." Favourite type are cool people. Favourite celebrity is Tamaki Hiroshi.