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Featured Article - the Mature & Sophisticated Hashimoto Nanami

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A post dedicated to the confident & carefree...

Hashimoto Nanami

also known as Nanamin.

There are many interesting members in Nogizaka. There are the talented, the beautiful, the cute, the funny, the dork, & more. And than there's Nanamin, someone calm, mature, yet also funny & odd. Someone uniquely artistic, & maybe not so much. To her fans, Hashimoto Nanami is mature & sophisticated. Fiercely independent, Nanamin decided to study art school despite her parents' disapproval. However, Nanamin is not someone simply cool; she can be quirky, funny, scared, & friendly as well. I guess words simply cannot fully describe her. Of course, there are many things to like about Nanamin that can be listed. With that in mind, I invite to come & learn more about one of Nogizaka's powerhouse, Hashimoto Nanami!

1. Super-Sensitive Nose!

Augmenting Nanamin's unique persona is her uncanny super-nose!
As demonstrated twice in Nogizakatte, Doko?, Nanamin's nose is just unreal!
Rarely (or ever) do one ever get to see an idol with such powerful nose!

2. Geki-Nanamin!

In addition to dog-like smelling ability, Nanamin is also known for her love of spicy food! So much so, Nanamin carries several of her own spice sauces to add to her meal when traversing around! One has to wonder have her greater sensitivity in her nose resulted in lesser sensitivity in her tongue lol.

Speaking simply, if you love geki-idol, Nanamin is here for you!

3. Legs!

Nanamin may be known for her unique character, but she is also known to many fans for her stunningly beautiful legs! As one can see in the many blog pictures above, Nanamin might herself be aware of it, & might be showing off her legs proudly!

4. Soft & Beautiful Voice!

Nogizaka is filled with members with great singing prowess. While she might not be the best singer technically, Nanamin can rightfully lay claim to having one of the most unique voice in Nogizaka! Like Kazumin, her singing voice differs from her voice when conversing. Unlike Kazumin, Nanamin's voice is very very soft, & sweet like Tim Horton Donuts overdoses! You can have a taste of her solo line here in DekopinSekkachi na Katatsumuri, or here in Guuzen wo Iiwake ni Shite!

5. Intelligent!

All things considered, Nanamin can rightfully claim to be an intelligent girl. With test results of frequent high of 100% & at worst 90% when she was younger, Nanamin is very intelligent. So much so, Nanamin held the Best Test Results in Japan during her 4th Grade! Not just a study-freak, Nanamin took leisure interest in history, & bought history books with her pocket money during her youth. Right now, Nanamin is almost certainly  studying at Musashino Art University (武蔵野美術大学), one of the foremost art university in Japan, studying spacial design & interior design. If true, this is just another testament to Nanamin's intellect!

6. Uniquely Artistic.

Usually when we say an idol is artistic, it is based on the standard of ability to draw, to use instrument, maybe the ability to dance ballet, to write poetry or calligraphy. Nanamin can draw well, sometimes, not so much others. As demonstrated in the above drawings, Nanamin's drawing is indeed something special!

What truly made Nanamin uniquely artistic is something entirely different though. As an art university student however, the most unique asset that Nanamin brings its her artistic taste. This is best demonstrated by her bonus video for the 4th single, a video she directed herself. This video is quirky, different, & memorable for me, & vastly superior to the video of many fellow members (which is unfortunate for them). For me, this highlight her unique aura very well, & maybe also highlight why she is one of the most popular of all!

7. Promising Actress?

A lot of happened since the time this piece was written. Specifically for Nanamin, she have gained a tremendous amount of acting opportunities. Nanamin was chosen (along with Ikuchan & Manattan) by director Yamashita Nobuhiro in the Kimi no Na wa Kibou audition. Nanamin have starred in drama Bad Boys J, & will be starring in the movie adaption of it as well. Nanamin is also featured in NTV's morning news program ZIP!, in the Senryū Girl segment (acting related once again). Lastly, Nanamin was able to star in Getsu9 drama Summer Nude, with four short appearances so far as this was written (appearances two, three, & four.)

Some viewers have been critical Nanamin's acting however. While it might be true that there are rooms for improvement, one cannot simply just dismiss Nanamin's acting however...

You know you don't mess with Sakae Nanamin... 

Between all these acting opportunities, Nanamin also took part in Nogizaka's second stage performance, 16nin no Principle deux (video of the epicness). Here, instead of receiving criticisms, Nanamin received a groundswell of applause for her excellent acting! Nanamin was indeed one of the most successful members in this stage, & was said to be better than even Ikuchan in playing the role Sakae! So why does Nanamin have such a disparity in her acting? & what's so special about Nanamin that allows her to be chosen for so many acting opportunities?

Summary: an Unique & Sophisticated Aura?

So looking back once again, what is so special about Nanamin, so much so that it have made her one of the most successful member in Nogizaka, & to attain so much acting opportunities? I myself struggle to find the right descriptive when I started writing this article, but I guess the best way to describe it is to say she have an unique aura, one that is mature & sophisticated, & demonstrated very well by the above video. She is confidently herself, & does not hide it. Maybe due to this character, given the right role to act in, Nanamin can shine brightly. In other roles, the result is more humorous lol, but still enjoyable. Some of the producers & directors have noted this aura, & cited it in selecting her for various opportunities. Fans are likely attracted to it too, allowing her to become one of the pillars of Nogizaka.

With that, I conclude my humble attempt to decipher Nanamin. I invite you all to come & learn more about our dear Joyū Nanamin! With that being said, I wish the best for Nanamin, & wish you continuing success in your acting career, & your time in Nogizaka be happily spent!

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  1. Love her. I see her as the Mariko-sama equivalent in Nogizaka46