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Featured Article - the Talented yet Dorky Ikuta Erika

Original post from JPHIP, posted on 2012.10.12, updated with with working videos & some altered wordings.

My 1st Featured Articles, 
Dedicated to the Talented & Determined
Ikuta Erika
also known as Ikuchan, Erika-sama.

When I first start taking interest in Nogizaka, I didn't really take note of Ikuchan.
But as I begin to follow Nogizaka more closely, it just become literally impossible to not notice her!
The amount of talents Ikuchan hold is unreal. Ultimately, however, this in itself is not what make her my nogi-oshi, but rather is a combination of talents, failing amusingly (& still be cute), & most importantly her characters. So to start off:

1. Unparalleled Piano Mastery!
乃木坂46 生田絵梨花 プロコフィエフ ピアノソナタ第2番 4楽章

I said it before & I will say it again. She doesn't just play piano, she represented Tokyo in national competition!
Such epic-ness is certainly not a common sight, let alone to be seen in an idol group! ^o^

2. Opera Power!
Ikuta Erika (生田絵梨花) TV 2011.10.16 - Showing Off (Nogizakatte Doko ep03)

Ever wonder how can Ikuchan dominate the Parco stage? Well here's your answer! Singing is part of idols' everyday life. Erika-sama however brings it to a whole new level. Skillfully combining some interesting facts about herself into a opera-styled self-intro, there is little wonder why she can play Alice six out of nine times!

3. Acting & Voice-acting Prowess!

She already played in a movie before even joining Nogizaka (Beginning of Toilet no Hanako-san, a horror movie.) Her short acting segment in Nogi,Doko was exceptional imo. She is of course also going to be voice acting in the upcoming Hunger Game! It is said that her voice-acting easily surpassed the competition in Nogizaka. Certainly another impressive talent!

4. She can talk!
生田絵梨花 120925 - ORICON ハンガーゲーム (乃木坂46)

This relates to her voice acting skill; she has a very likable voice that can easily translate into superb radio talking & mc-ing success. She can also be a good conversationist too, as seen above where I think she can easily be the interviewer instead of the interviewed!

5. Overwhelming amount of talents!
Ikuta Erika (生田絵梨花) 2012.02 - Guru Guru Curtain DVD Content

Not only does she know piano & opera, acting & voice acting. She knows Hyakunin Isshu (百人一首). She knows calligraphy. She knows ballet. She have theatre experiences. She can be funny. She even know Alto horn!
Whatever that is lol.

6. She can fail & still be awesome.
IKUTA ERIKA 百人一首—在线播放—优酷网,视频高清在线观看

She may have unlimited talent, with a background that some describe as an ojousama from a manga, but the thing is she doesn't feel like one. Altho she was raised in Germany till age five, she doesn't look like an ojousama, & doesn't really act like one normally. She is described as "natural" (天然, which I think can be roughly translated as dorky/silly/goofy, in a cute way of course. :P) All this is part of the wonderful mix of talents & characters that make her truly unique! ^///^

7. She fails at cooking. Hard.
Ikuta Erika (生田絵梨花) 2011.12.18 - Cooking (Nogizakatte Doko Ep12)

Yes, readers. This is essentially the above point. However, Erika-sama fails soooo hard on cooking it deserve special mention. This, of course, contributed to her ojou-sama reputation~ ^o^

8. She fails at being sexy.

There is very little in common between Nogizaka & sexy. They don't do bikinis & gravures, which I am perfectly content & happy about. That doesn't mean they won't try to be sexy thou. ^^;;
& the result of Ikuchan is... well, the above. Does't detract from her appeal thou, extend it in fact! ^o^

9. She can still classy & elegant.
3rd Single Bonus Video Ikuta Erika

She is usually natural. But sometime elegance is required, & that's not a problem for Ikuchan.
A little versatility never hurts.

10. She try her best!

go to 19:50 mark.
Nothing moves me more than seeing people trying their best, even if the task is very difficult. Certainly, eating super-spicy foods does not seems like that much of a challenge, but Ikuchan, in this case, was eating spicy food for the first time ever in her life! Seeing her shrugging off her shaking hand as a "physical reaction" really shows how determined she is. While ultimately, she fails to proceed, this determination really moved me! ;A;

So in conclusion, what defines dear Ikuta Erika for me?
For me, Ikuchan is a girl that is tremendously talented yet dorky; she can fail at things, yet still be cute & adorable. Ikuchan is an ojousama, yet feels very approachable & personable. Most importantly however, for me Ikuchan is someone who works hard & is very determined. She is not only my oshi, but someone I can look up to, a true role model. With that that in mind, I wish the best for Ikuchan, & may you achieve further success & enjoy your time in Nogizaka~ \(^o^)/


  1. Nothing Less From Iku-chan...She Is Perfect Idol Ever...It's True The She Is My 4th Nogi-Oshi, But Still...Her Awesome Aura And Amazing Talent Is Not Something You Can Ignore...Keep Shining Erika....X13

  2. I read this before. Always a nice tribute. Got me to look into her more. She now one of my favs. Now please do one for Minami and Sayurin. :P

  3. i love her and hoshino minami