Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Featured Article - the Silly & Adorable Matsumura Sayuri!

An original post! Draft pre-existed long time ago tho, & gone thro many changes.

A post dedicated to the silly & adorable...

Matsumura Sayuri

also known as Sayurin, Mattsun, Sayuringo, or Ringo-hime~

Sometimes it can be hard to get to know members from a large group, & Nogizaka is likely no different. There is this one girl within Nogizaka that is easily noticeable however, someone that fans can immediately recalls & distinguish from the rest. This girl is known as Sayurin! & she is a... what is she? Is she a dork? An anime otaku?  Someone simply weird? A burikko & narcissist? Someone confused? Nogizaka's Official Mascot? Or simply a childish Angel? Maybe you know her, but maybe you don't! So lets make haste & explore the traits & identity of the most notable of all, Matsumura Sayuri!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mai Story - an Interview with Shiraishi Mai

Non-interview scans available at 2013.07 G FLASH - Shiraishi Mai.
Original translation by 靡姽婳 from Baidu! Original Mandarin translation here.

Shiraishi Mai

M A I      S T O R Y

Childhood, School Absentee, Encounter with Music...
Nogizaka46's new centre, the trace of a 20 year old.

Selected as centre for the sixth single, the sudden rise of Shiraishi Mai, also known as "Maiyan." 
Admired as an elder sister by many members, this is the first time that her secret story prior to 
becoming centre will be uncovered in bare.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013.04 UTB - Ito Marika (photo) + Interview

This is a translation of a translation again, so keep that in mind lol.
Original translation from emperor at PPT Nogizaka46, also posted on Baidu's Nogizaka46 Tieba.

For Nogizaka46's third individual photo shooting, we have Ito Marika, nicknamed Marika, as our model! Of course you do not want to miss the joyfulness & shyness in her expression, considering this is the first time she get to have solo shootings.

Monday, August 12, 2013

20± Interview - Hashimoto Nanami

This is a translation of a translation... so bear that in mind lol. Original translation into mandarin by hitmanmp5 from Baidu's Nogizaka46 Tieba! Original translation hereAdditionally you can find scans of pictures in this spread here (at bottom, incomplete) & photos of even more picture here. 

Red, blue, yellow. Green & pink, orange... etc.
In this colourful world, which colour does Hashimoto Nanami shines in, or is it a colour different from all these even?

          20± interview

nanami hashimoto 

In this studio that is lit brightly by various devices & sparkling with colours, she, who just a moment ago was showing some shyness & smiling innocently like a kid, in the next second, her magically big eyes filled with emotions, exhibited an attractive expression that would stir even women. In the instances when the shutter button was pressed, her expression changed freely between that of a maiden & a mature lady. The true face of Nanamin, whom started from Nogizaka46 & is now showing strength in acting, is indeed intriguing…

Monday, August 5, 2013

Nogizaka46 Concerts & Mini-Lives Set Lists & Links!

How many Nogizaka mini-lives have you seen so far? ^_^

For new fans, sometimes one might wonder whether Nogizaka have theatres or not. Other questions might be whether Nogizaka have done any concerts so far, or have there been any stage performances. Most importantly, are there any video footage of Nogizaka's live performances?

NOGIBINGO! Ep.05 English Subtitle

Download .srt file Here

Hardsub Video