Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nogizaka46 to host a new music show from Sony Music Records

Takayama Kazumi, Fukagawa Mai, K

     Nogizaka46's members Takayama Kazumi (19) and Fukagawa Mai (22) will host along singer K (29, born in South Korea) a new music show from Sony Music Records called 「Sonyreco! TV♪」 (『ソニレコ!TV♪(仮)』, provisional title), scheduled to start October 9th. The show will be streamed via its official Youtube channel (only available in Japan), every 2nd and 4th Wednesday.
     The show's motto is said to be "No rules!", "No bindings!" and "Of course, no previous conditions!", and will consist mainly on the calm and gentle interaction between the three MCs. Guests are also planned to appear on the show eventually.
     According to the broadcast writer Abe Hiroko, the first recording was made on September 25th. Natalie interviewed the hosts right after it: K praised both girls, and is excited to what they can do together in the next meetings. Takayama got surprised of co-hosting a show with K, and already knew he was a really funny person; she is looking forward to someday singing with him one of his songs. Fukagawa spoke that she first knew K from his song "Only Human" that played in the drama "1 Liter of Tears", and could have never imagined that one day she would be hosting a program with him; she is also anticipating to sing and possibly play instruments in the show, and receive artists from various genres as guests.

「Sonyreco! TV♪」 (provisional title) (ソニレコ!TV♪(仮))
・ 2nd and 4th Wednesday, starting on October 9th
・ Official Youtube Channel (available only in Japan)
Watch a preview of the show taken from the official Youtube channel below!


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