Saturday, October 26, 2013

2013.11 EX-Taishuu


  1. 1st photobook 「Nogizaka Ha」tops the charts selling 100,000 copies within 5 days!

    Does it sell well? or just normal . I mean compare to others group?

    Tks!!! . Did you buy one for yourself?

    1. From what I know 48 groups PBs sale in the five digits, so 100k is pretty good! Here's a graph I found on two other recent 48 PBs' sales:

      As for individual members' PB sales for initial week:
      Sashihara Rino 『さしこ』 初週 5.7万部
      Kashiwagi Yuki 『ゆ、ゆ、ゆきりん・・・』 初週 4.7万部
      Watanabe Mayu 『まゆゆ』 初週 4.5万部
      Oshima Yuko 『優子』初週 4.1万部
      Maeda Atsuko 『不器用』 初週3.8万部
      Watanabe Miyuki 『みる神』 初週 2.9万部
      Shimazaki Haruka 『ぱるる、困る。』 初週 2.8万部
      Yamamoto Sayaka 『さや神』 初週 2.7万部
      Matsui Rena 『きんぎょ』 初週 2.6万部

      Comparing to the individual PB might not be fair lol, but I think its fair to say Ngzk's PB is selling really well! :D

  2. i keep seaching in google hoping someone post its...hhuhuhu .

  3. Do you know where I can watch the making of footage of this photobook?