Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nogizaka46 7th Single Senbatsu Announcement

           Nogizaka46's 7th single senbatsu was announced at the night show at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium Concert. The single, which will be released on November 27th (title TBA) will have seventeen members in senbatsu as opposed to sixteen. The single will keep the group's hachifukujin and revolve them around the center member.

The following members in the exact order are:

1st row: Nishino Nanase, Shiraishi Mai, Hori Miona, Hashimoto Nanami, Matsumura Sayuri

2nd row: Sakurai Reika, Ikuta Erika, Ikoma Rina, Wakatsuki Yumi

3rd row: Ito Marika, Eto Misa, Saito Asuka, Akimoto Manatsu, Fukagawa Mai, Nakamoto Himeka, Kawago Hina, Takayama Kazumi

In : Nakamoto Himeka, Kawago Hina, Eto Misa, Saito Asuka, Hori Miona
Out: Hoshino Minami, Saito Yuri, Nakada Kana, Inoue Sayuri

This will be an excitingly new single for Nogizaka46 fans, as it is the second time their center has been switched around. The center is now Hori Miona (2nd generation member) instead of Shiraishi Mai. It is also the first time that Kawago Hina, Eto Misa, and Nakamoto Himeka will be entering senbatsu. The announcement will also be broadcasted on TV Tokyo's "Nogizakatte Doko?" at 10/6 24:00 Sunday (Just a couple of hours after this post). Omedetou!


  1. I cannot believe they've taken Hoshimina out of senbatsu...
    Genuinely really mad about that. I am excited for the new gen centre however.

  2. I'm mad about Hoshimina getting taken out of senbatsu too. I didn't think a 2nd gen would take center, but watching the 2nd gen intro videos a few did catch my eye. However, I think it would have been better to put 2-3 2nd gen into senbatsu. But I kind of like this unexpectedness when it comes to who will be in what single, I'm excited for this new single! Ashurin back! Now the next problem is with the crowded front, I hope Hori Miona has enough aura/stage presence to capture the audience because her fellow front row onee-san's may steal it all lol.
    Naachan, Maiyan, Nanamin, Sayurin~

    1. after much thought today and seeing the situation objectively I´d like to say :
      minami dropped out of senbatsu in Nogizaka could be due to one of the three following reasons:
      - Apparently after receiving so much support from aki- p since the 1st single she never had a positive response from Japanese fans upon her. always I checked the forums and blogs I realized that she never had a good response in handshakes and other activities. now that she´s out of senbatsu I read everyone saying to feel sorry for her and so.
      - would be coincidence that she went out of the top of the senbatsu when was noticeable her weight gain of 9 kilos we can see today? who knows and maybe that has been one of the reasons for aki- p and other staff members have seen to take off more visibility within the group.
      - She always shows herself as too shy and / or as she would not want to be noticed. I think that`s bad being in the entertainment idol world. The lack of posts on her blog does not gain interest on fans and worse now that it will be the only way of know about her because as she´s not within the senbatsu she won´t be appearing in nogizakatte doko ?
      I was very sad today but after thinking I concluded that she should take a crucial decision and if she wants to really stay in the group and within the idol world she has to change in attitude to be more notorious and get better her skills in addition to taking speech classes, dance and scenic development.
      who knows what aki-p is thinking about her at this time. Goddess only knows but I would like to think that she will return to senbatsu in the next single and we will see a completely revamped hoshimina. however despite all I´ll always love and support her as I did since the beginning.

  3. lol this gonna flop hard. That girl would get tons of antis for stealing queen Maiyan's spot

  4. i'm really sad about Hoshimina too.

    i was expecting something like that, a 2nd generation member in the fukujin, but not as center D: i was really shocked, not even surprised but shocked.

    Still, i really like Hori Miona, so i hope she'll be a good center with the support of the members and fans ♥

    I'm really happy about Hinapyon too, yay ♥

  5. I also feel sorry for Hoshimina, but who else are they going to pull from the lineup? She's actually one of the least popular members of the senbatsu despite management pushing her. Its about time some of the other girls are given a chance.

    Actually, every girl who was dropped has my sympathy. Sayunyan has been senbatsu from the start and she's probably crushed. Yuttan is probably used to dropping in and out by now but its never less painful. Kanarin...I can only imagine how devastated she must be...

    Poor Misa has only just made senbatsu herself (about time!) Also happy for Hinapyon but that's not at all surprising considering the positive feedback she got from the fans after that episode where the undergirls got to voice their grievances. Himetan is also a cutie and its good to see her given a chance.

    I've got nothing against Ashurin but she's already made senbatsu before. Would have preferred if they gave it to yet another 1st gen girl who hasn't made a debut yet. Kashiwa Yukina comes to mind.

  6. can't wait the 7th single, what kind of song they will perform with this new formation where some unders become senbatsu member、 and 1 2nd generation become center. お楽しみに待っています。
    PS: not to mention what's next on NogiKoko when some senbatsu become unders...