Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Featured Article - the Silly & Adorable Matsumura Sayuri!

An original post! Draft pre-existed long time ago tho, & gone thro many changes.

A post dedicated to the silly & adorable...

Matsumura Sayuri

also known as Sayurin, Mattsun, Sayuringo, or Ringo-hime~

Sometimes it can be hard to get to know members from a large group, & Nogizaka is likely no different. There is this one girl within Nogizaka that is easily noticeable however, someone that fans can immediately recalls & distinguish from the rest. This girl is known as Sayurin! & she is a... what is she? Is she a dork? An anime otaku?  Someone simply weird? A burikko & narcissist? Someone confused? Nogizaka's Official Mascot? Or simply a childish Angel? Maybe you know her, but maybe you don't! So lets make haste & explore the traits & identity of the most notable of all, Matsumura Sayuri!

1. Unparalleled Cooking!
Nope she didn't cook this, her cooking looks a lot more vicious.
Sounds familiar? Yes, this point might be reminiscent of Ikuchan's specialty. It's a bit different when it comes to Sayurin however... while at least Ikuchan's food looks edible, Sayurin's cooking present the image of hell on Earth (e.g. egg roll & fried rice).. DX

2. Lack of athletic prowess
While some people are known for the athletic abilities, Sayurin is known for her lack there of! This is evident from the above video, an early attempt of her's on high jump, a later run & climb attempt, & many other instances! All in all, except for volleyball (she was in volleyball team for middle to high school, & captain during middle school!) & swimming, Sayurin have shown a lack of athletic potential, which might be reflective of one of her characters lol. XD

3. Accent!

Sayurin have a very noticeable accent, so much so that I am aware of it very well myself despite poor to no Japanese skill. Basically whenever Sayurin speaks, you can noticed the accent! It might be Osaka ben, but some say its not lol. Whatever it is, it's kinda cute. Here's a video just to give you an idea!

4. Kissing Monster~

Sayurin is definitely Ngzk's resident kissing-monsta! There are a lot more kissing than these three instances of course, which you can find in magazine shoots, activities, & the opening of NogiDoko! Certainly a treat to all who love kissing-monsters. :D

5. MC Potential!
Within Ngzk, Sayurin have also been noted for being good at generating conversation & responding to people in general. Maybe as a result, Sayurin have received more communication-related opportunities than other members in general. Currently, Sayurin host Nama no Aidoru ga suki (生のアイドルが好き) with Kanarin, a Nico Nico online program that interview various idols! Sayurin is also the current long-term host of Nogizaka46 no「No」(乃木坂46の「の」), Nogizaka's flagship radio program! If you like interesting & talkative members, Sayurin is here for you! ^o^

6. Otaku!
Sayurin is a self-proclaimed otaku! It is said that one song Sayurin will always sing in karaoke is none other than Koi no Mikuru densetsu (恋のミクル伝説, YouTube)! When asked recently by Asahi Shinbun on what she would like to do in the future, she replied "something related to anime" (アニメに関係する仕事). Also look at this befitting cosplay for Weekly Big Comic Spirits! So, if you like Otaku, Sayurin is one! :D

7. Anime Styles!
Image Image Image  Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
When it comes to physical traits, Sayurin sports some of the fanciest & most diverse hairstyles within Ngzk! These include ponytail, double ponytails, bun hair, straight & curly, & many more! Going with her silky-white skin, this gives Sayurin an anime-like feel! Definitely befitting for the self-proclaimed otaku! \(^o^)/

8. Oshiri!
This is Ngzk, so its not going to matter much or even be obvious I would have thought. But.. some fans have said that they like Sayurin's oshiri!  Based on a Shoujiki Shougi match on NOGIBINGO! ep. 6, it is said that Sayurin's oshiri is so large that panties don't really fit it! This point doesn't matter to me rly, but if you happens to like large oshiri, it might matters to you I suppose. ^ ^;;

9. Sayuringo Punch~

Sayurin is defined by some people as a burikko, which methink can be best exemplified by her signature Sayuringo Punch! This is a kind of persona that can be irritating to some however. To me though, Sayurin feels more natural, is not over the top, & recently have added a slight narcissist steak to it. Most importantly, I don't find her either annoying nor irritating, & my observation is most Nogi-fans don't either! All in all, maybe Sayurin is burikko, but she's does so without making you dislike her, similar to how mean Peanuts characters don't make you dislike them! XD

10. Tennen Boke?

Sayurin is also characterized as something along the line of dorky/silly/spontaneously funny/airhead/childish or in the Japanese term, tennen boke (天然ボケ, or simply tennen 天然)! Just think Winnie the Pooh lol. A great example is back during the first Ngzk stage performance in Parco, Sayurin forgot to wear her safety pants! So... she walked off stage mid-performance & walked back a minute later like a puro! Various other incidents, including her cooking & athletic ability that were mentioned above, are additional examples!

11. Hawt!?
Despite the fact that Sayurin is a self-proclaimed 13 year old, make no mistake Sayurin is capable of looking mature & beautiful! Supporting evidence includes the above pictures taken during an NogiDoko maturing celebration episode, a solo shoot for Weekly Playboy,  & a particular segment (read about) of a Halloween edition of NogiDoko! >///<

Summary: who is Sayurin? 
So in the end of the day, who is Matsumura Sayuri, & why is she so noticeable? Is Sayurin a burikko & narcissist? Someone tennen? Is she noticed for her many fun traits? Are these characters she pursued purposefully? To be frank I don't know lol, & nor does it matters to me. For me, Sayurin is someone that works hard on her job as an idol, & as a result works hard to develop characters for herself. But in the end no matter what characters she is developing, in my eyes Sayurin is still the same, someone spontaneously silly yet adorable.

With that in mind, I end this piece with Sayurin's first bonus video, a video that I will always enjoy, & actually I think summarize this article very well! I wish the best for Sayurin, & may you achieve further success & enjoy your time in Nogizaka~ \(^o^)/


  1. whats a safety pants?

    1. An extra short pant one wears in addition to panties to prevent panties from being exposed.

  2. Thank you so much for the well written article! \o/

  3. Yes it was well written! I love it! :D

  4. She's my oshimen in Nogizaka46!


  5. thanks for the article! ^ ^)v

    I think Sayurin is a cutest member in Nogizaka46 \^o^/

  6. please create some article about Sakurai Reika :D
    she's so beautiful ^^

    1. I actually already have one created. :D
      I will need to convert it though lol. But since you asked, I will prioritize it. :3

    2. yatta!!! \^o^/

  7. I've confused myself on distinguishing between Matsumura Sayuri and Shiraishi Mai (another Nogizaka46 member) because they both look so alike. But, Sayuri looks a lot cuter than Mai, so in the end, that was how I was able to figure who was who.