Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013.04 UTB - Ito Marika (photo) + Interview

This is a translation of a translation again, so keep that in mind lol.
Original translation from emperor at PPT Nogizaka46, also posted on Baidu's Nogizaka46 Tieba.

For Nogizaka46's third individual photo shooting, we have Ito Marika, nicknamed Marika, as our model! Of course you do not want to miss the joyfulness & shyness in her expression, considering this is the first time she get to have solo shootings.

Today from the moment she entered the studio, you can see her puzzled face that is yet filled with happiness.

“Because I’m an Under member! When they told me that I am receiving this job, I was in disbelief, but also very happy. Looking at how Manatsu & Sayunyan took their shooting, I couldn’t slept for the whole night yesterday, busy fantasizing about this shooting.”

Fantasize? (laugh)

“Thoughts like what feeling will it be like, what clothing will it be… The actually shooting scene is way better than my imagination, its great!”

Having mentioned Marika, fans refers to you as someone that “quietly leading the fashion scene.” Considering that, do you in fact like to dress?

“Yes. Although I often go shopping, I actually rarely made any purchases. I want to buy something I can wear for the rest of my life, so I can’t quite find the exactly clothing I wants. I do buy materials to redesign older cloths, the dress I’m wearing today for example, the coat is formerly my mom’s as for the necklace I made myself, & was in fact just made yesterday. (laugh)”

If we can promote this personality of yours within Nogizaka46, maybe returning to senbatsu will no longer be a dream!?

“Last month, when there was the senbatsu announcement for the fifth single to be on sale on March, I wasn’t selected & to be honest I felt quite dejected. I wondered, what were I inadequate in? What were the differences between me & those member chosen for senbatsu? I kept thinking, rather than reflecting on myself, was it that I didn’t do enough to showcase myself, so that the fact I am not charismatic enough emerged. Considering that time, & after having this conversation, I realized that even with such characteristics there are still people that will look at me carefully & give me opportunities. After today’s shooting, the mood I feel is that of energy pouring out, & that I want to increase the things I can showcase!”

With that in mind, please take note of her from now on; not only is she of good sense, showcasing ability, facial expressions & more, but one can feels the glitter shinning on Marika.


  1. uhm why don't you scan this ? i really want a full picture :/

    1. I don't actually own this magazine, & these are all I can find online unfortunately. If you happen to find any resources available out there not on this site however, please do let us know & it will be greatly appreciated.