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20± Interview - Hashimoto Nanami

This is a translation of a translation... so bear that in mind lol. Original translation into mandarin by hitmanmp5 from Baidu's Nogizaka46 Tieba! Original translation hereAdditionally you can find scans of pictures in this spread here (at bottom, incomplete) & photos of even more picture here. 

Red, blue, yellow. Green & pink, orange... etc.
In this colourful world, which colour does Hashimoto Nanami shines in, or is it a colour different from all these even?

          20± interview

nanami hashimoto 

In this studio that is lit brightly by various devices & sparkling with colours, she, who just a moment ago was showing some shyness & smiling innocently like a kid, in the next second, her magically big eyes filled with emotions, exhibited an attractive expression that would stir even women. In the instances when the shutter button was pressed, her expression changed freely between that of a maiden & a mature lady. The true face of Nanamin, whom started from Nogizaka46 & is now showing strength in acting, is indeed intriguing…

During your youth, what was your image of "the 20 year old woman"?

"I was unable to imagine back then. By middle school, I fantasized that I might already be marrying or something (laugh). It is just like how I cannot imagine myself when I'm 50 year old, it’s something distant into the future. Because I was completely mentally unprepared, I didn't wanted to age at all before I reached age 20. I was even afraid that time passed too quickly, & that I will quickly become old & die."

Die? Maybe you were thinking too far ahead? (laugh)

"But actually I often have this thought, where I age very fast & die. Maybe it’s because I am fortunate, I was able to receive a lot of jobs before my 20th birthday, so every day I lived was busy & fulfilling."

I heard that the original reason you came to Tokyo was not to become an idol entertainer?

"It was because I like architecture, so in order to attend an art university, I left Hokkaido. Later on I discovered Nogizaka46's audition website with my friend that I got to know through my part-time job. The website said that I only need to send in a photo through my cell phone in order to apply, so I did & was selected."

So you & your friend sent in photos together & you were selected, this is a common story now.

"Is it? Back home I don't usually watch television, even dramas I rarely watch back in my old home. I look at fashion magazine casually too, & never touched entertainment news. Before I became an entertainer, I have no idea about what it is even. (laugh) So after successfully making it through the audition, I looked up AKB48-san's information & videos, & studied a bit. After knowing that from then on I will be working like them, only then do I actually started to feel the pressure. Basically that was how it was."

If at that time, the audition failed, what do you think you will be doing now?

"I would be like a normal university student; I would probably be getting around enough credits, & be living happily with my friends every day. After graduation... while learning all sort of stuffs in university, I came into contact with many interesting stuffs, so maybe I will go back & continue to attend university. However, compared to life like that, life now as a member of Nogizaka46 is more fulfilling for me, & I 'm very happy that I have walked down this path.

Now that you have become an idol entertainer, maybe you discovered that it isn't that difficult?

"wuu... In the past I rarely gone to karaoke with my friends, & of course never came into contact with dancing. So when I just entered the industry I have no idea where to start. (laugh) But over these two years of activities, I never have thoughts like "I can't take it anymore" or "I can't do better." Of course as a member of Nogizaka46, I did have some personal worries... but maybe because I was a basketball team manager, & been through those training, mentally I am strong & able to withstand it! Physically however I often feel tired from the lack of sleep."

In my dictionary, there's no such thing as "limit."

You entered the industry so abruptly, did you ever thought of quitting?

"Yes I did. (laugh) But not because I felt that I was at my limit.”

Then, when you did felt like quitting, how did you adjust your feelings?

"Just by sleeping I can sooth the pressure & readjust my feelings, it’s like after a nap I can forget all the unhappy things. It just that before I sleep I often start having thoughts of the unpleasant stuffs, so before I sleep I would give my friend back at my hometown a call. It’s just simple chatting, like “Are you okay?” or “What are you doing right now?”, but it can bring back feelings from Hokkaido back then. Because they don’t really watch the TV programs I participate in, thanks to them, I can return to that “me who spent 18 years in countryside Hokkaido.” Just by this it can warms my heart, & I am able to readjust my feelings.”

However you are unable to discuss the troubles of your job with them as a result.

To the contrary, I do not talk to anyone about my trouble with my job. If it’s something rather minor, I often easily display it out. This will affect my work, so before I sleep by myself I will sulk completely, & after that, the only thing I can do is to re-energize myself.”

You are quite resilient. Except for sleeping, what do you do during you spare time? Do you play cell-phone games?

“Within Nogizaka46 there’s actually a very popular LINE platform app, called “WIND runner” (ウィンドランナー).  Although the only thing you do is to keep running, but among us members we can give each other items & stuffs. Like this… (show cell phone screen) ah, I just received an item from Saito Yuri! “Received Shoe of the Wind” something like this. We all often play this game. An app we also often use is the “LED flashlight HD” & stuffs like that.”

Flashlight? Under what circumstance will it be used?

“When we are taking the small bus for shooting outside, oftentimes many members are sleeping, so the light are closed. But I’m the kind of person that like to read books, memorize lines (as she speaks she took out the script for 16nin no Principle deux), so I often use the flashlight function to light the script like this.”

As you took out your script, I saw chestnuts in your bag. Do you often carry chestnuts in your bag?

“I heard you can beautify oneself & become more slender by eating this, so I’m eating this often these days.”

Is there really any parts of your body that need to become more slender!?

“On my calf there’s a bit of “basketball calf” (overly muscular calf) that’s quite obvious. I need to thin it down!”

I think your legs are really beautiful already! So for my next question let me ask you your philosophy on love. As a former basketball team manager, I’m sure you read Slam Dunk before? So which character in it do you like?

“As a common reader, my favourite is of course Rukawa Kaede (流川 )… During high school I was the team manager, from day till night I observe the training & interaction of the team members. Over three years, eventually I developed the ability to foresee their action or tactic on the field just by observing their interaction. Reading Slam Dunk again after I developed this ability, not only was I impressed by the outstanding performance of the characters, I came see the other side of them… & at times I feel disappointed. If I’m with these people it will be very tough, so I don’t want to be in a relationship with any of them. (laugh)”

Maybe without being so proud & unyielding, it’s hard to become such powerful players. What if it is possible to become one of the characters, who would you want to become?

“The polar opposite of me, Sakuragi Hanamichi (桜木 花道)! Being so indifferent to others opinion like him probably can’t work out in reality, but being so is definitely very carefree. Therefore I would like to try to live life like that.”

I see. Now moving on from Slam Dunk, can you tell me what is the ideal man for you like?

“It is best if he can get along well with my parent. I always believe people that are filial toward elders will also be tender toward people around them. For marriage, I hope for mutual appreciation, so someone mature & reliable will be ideal I think. Also I like to watch ball games, so if he can watch ball games with me I will be very happy. If he can understand basketball that would be even better, but people from my generation that are passionate about basketball probably don’t number too much now.”

Maybe it is like that. (laugh) So lastly, please tell us is there anything that you would like to do before reaching the age of 30.

“Let me think… ah, to have a child! My mother give birth to be after 30 years of age, & I heard it was tough on her physically, so I want to have a child before 30, & two more before 40. My goal is three little piglet.”

What will you do about your career then?

“I still wish to give birth in Hokkaido. So… I guess I will have to retired. (laugh)”

What exactly is so attractive about Hokkaido, so much so that you want to return so much?

“My home town of Asahikawa (旭川) lies beside the mountains & waters amidst the fresh air. Across the four seasons I can see the starry sky. Even if the roads are lit brightly by the streetlight, I can still see the starry sky that would otherwise have been covered by Tokyo’s glow. It is here that I have grown up; only by touching the friendliness & serenity unique to the people of Hokkaido, can I feel true peacefulness. Tokyo have everything here, however it frightens me a bit. (laugh)”

I am from the countryside myself, I can understand.

“Tokyo is really convenient, whatever one wants one can get immediately, whatever one wishes to do one can accomplish. But I don’t think this is something a 20 year old youngster should make a habit out of. I not too good at explaining this, but if I grew up in an environment like this since my youth, I might become very inconsiderate. Therefore, I am all the more willing to care for my children in a place less convenient.”

After listening to these words, a starlit sky seems to have appeared before my sight… Because her hometown, surrounded by the harsh yet beautiful nature, is always deep within her heart, she can be so resilient & shines so beautifully.

Even though it is convenient, but in Tokyo… it frightens me a bit.

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  1. Great work you guys thanks a lot!

    However it's a bit sad to see Nanamin isn't very enthusiastic about her idol career. Well, I cant blame her but N46 dedicated fans wouldnt be happy so hopefully this doesn't bring any negative effect to the group image.