Saturday, February 8, 2014

NOGIBINGO! DVD-BOX to be released on March 7th

      The release of 「NOGIBINGO!Season 1 DVD-BOX has been confirmed for March 7th, 2014. The show aired last year during July and September every Tuesday on NTV, with the name and premise coming from one of the most known AKB48 shows, 「AKBINGO!」, reinterpreting some of its famous segments. It was also part of a 1-hour timeslot shared with HKT48 (and their show, 「Tonkotsu Mahou Shoujo Gakuin」) entitled 「Nogizaka46 x HKT48 Kanmuri Bangumi Battle!」, in which both groups (produced by Akimoto Yasushi) competed every week to see which could win in terms of entertainment, being judged by a different guest on each episode, and having the right of airing first on the following week. After 11 episodes, the overall winner would also be given the entire timeslot for the final episode, won by HKT48 after a draw and tiebreak decided on a rock-paper-scissors game.
      The unaired 12th 1-hour NOGIBINGO! episode is going to be included in this release. The DVD-BOX will also contain 217 minutes of bonus contents (counting the unaired episode, deleted scenes, making-of footage and evaluation meetings by the members themselves) and a 12 pages booklet. The limited edition includes some other bonuses:
DVD-BOX Limited Edition (VPBF-10975) - 15,225 yen

Disc 1: Episodes 1~4
Disc 2: Episodes 5~8
Disc 3: Episodes 9~12
Disc 4: Bonus content (unaired scenes, making-of footage, NOGIBINGO! review meetings)
   ⇒ 12 pages booklet;
   ⇒ original postcard folder;
   ⇒ stickers of the senbatsu members at the time (Girl's Rule);
   ⇒ postcards (1 of the show, 2 of the senbatsu members at that time).
DVD-BOX Regular Edition (VPBF-10976) - 11,970 yen
Same 4 discs.
   ⇒ 12 pages booklet.

      The current season 2 is being aired every late Friday night on NTV since January 10th, 2014.
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