Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nogizaka46 Kenkyuusei to Have Their Own Weekly Online Show

Update February 14th, 2014.

      You can watch the 1st livestream here:


      The 2nd livestream (February 26th) will have Sasaki Kotoko, Terada Ranze, Yonetoku Kyoka and Watanabe Miria.


Update February 13th, 2014.

      The show will be titledNogiken♡(乃木けん♡) starting today at 19h JST. Ito Karin, Ito Junna, Sasaki Kotoko, Terada Ranze, Nishikawa Nanami, Yada Risako, Yamazaki Rena, Yonetoku Kyoka and Watanabe Miria are scheduled to appear. Hori Miona and Kitano Hinako are also making an appearance in the 1st episode.


      The Nogizaka46 kenkyuusei* members will have their own regular online show starting on February 13th at 19h JST on the stream site Showroom, and then airing every Wednesday from the 26th (first episode being exceptionally on Thursday; and resting on Feb. 19th).
      The kenkyuusei members are essentially consisted of the 2nd generation added in May 2013. Nevertheless, Hori Miona was chosen to be the center of Nogizaka46's 7th single (released in November) and front member of the 8th single, appearing on several shows and magazines; Kitano Hinako has also been chosen as one of the senbatsu members of the 8th single (releasing April 2nd, 2014).
      Both are the only 2nd generation members to have separate blogs from the kenkyuusei shared one, and regular spots on the group's main TV show, 「Nogizakatte, Doko?」. There has not been any official announcement regarding the situation of Hori and Kitano, but as they don't appear to be listed on the 11 appearing members of the new show, they could possibly be considered as full members.
      The show was made specially for those newly added members who haven't had many opportunities to show to the fans what they are capable and made of. The provisionally titled 「Nogizaka46 Kenkyuusei (2nd Generation) Show」 will be streamed via the virtual live room provided by the site Showroom, from DeNA. The first episode features a valentine special theme. The girls will take turns weekly.
* translated as research students.
1st episode: 2014/02/13 - 19h~
2nd episode: 2014/02/26 - 19h~
3rd episode onwards: Every Wednesday - 19h~
Stream site: (PC; Android & iOS apps)
Members: Nogizaka46 kenkyuusei as of February 2014 (Ito Karin, Ito Junna, Sasaki Kotoko, Shinuchi Mai, Suzuki Ayane, Terada Ranze, Nishikawa Nanami, Yada Risako, Yamazaki Rena, Yonetoku Kyoka, Watanabe Miria). Scheduled to rotate weekly.
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  1. Good news! At least they got sth regular to do rather than occasional appearance in nogidoko or nogibingo. Not even sure if they participates in the 8th single just yet.