Saturday, September 14, 2013

New music show 「Bentou Shoujo」 to start in October

Matsumura Sayuri, Wakatsuki Yumi, Hashimoto Nanami

     Nogizaka46's members Hashimoto Nanami, Matsumura Sayuri and Wakatsuki Yumi will become the main MCs for a new music show called "Bentou Shoujo", starting on October 4th. The program will contain 15 minutes each episode, airing every Friday (25:29) on Kansai's MBS, and every Sunday on Space Shower TV (23:00).

     Each week, one of the three members will visit an artist, bringing their own bentou (lunch-box) and interviewing the guest. The show is said to approach a different side of the artists, by making them exhibit their special skills, talk about their hobbies and recent obssessions. The opening and a few VTRs will include cute scenes of the three members, and information about newest releases, music rankings and films are also scheduled to be shown.
     The three members spoke briefly about their positions as MCs: Hashimoto is excited and surprised about having for the first time this kind of position, after taking experiences on varieties and acting; Matsumura, who is also a MC in the monthly Nicolive show "Nama no Idol ga Daisuki", is worried about having to make her own o-bentou, but is looking forward to talk with the guests, since it is one of the things she really likes to do, specially in a program that will air in the Osaka region; and Wakatsuki talked how is an honor to receive an opportunity to talk with other artists and ask them various questions about their career, and learn everything possible from them.

「Bentou Shoujo」 (弁当少女) - starts broadcasting on 2013.10.04
MBS: every Friday - 25:29 ~ 25:44
SSTV: every Sunday - 23:00 ~ 23:15
SSTV (repeat): every Monday - 8:45 ~ 9:00
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  1. good news! i'm really happy, a big opportunity specially for myumyu ♥

  2. cant wait for this show! hope the members will get participate more in many shows :)