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web R25, Girl of the Week - Shiraishi Mai

Original interview article from web R25& thanks to 靡姽婳 from Baidu for the original Mandarin translation! \(^o^)/
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Shiraishi Mai, Girl of the Week
Despite giving off a cool impression, is actually someone who even enjoys batsu game thoroughly 

Nogizaka46's Shiraishi Mai-chan is to star in the movie adaption of the popular drama, Bad Boys J the Movie - Something to protect till the end

─ It must not be easy being your movie debut?
Making facial expression is difficult, so received guidance from the director. But also enjoyed the pleasure of acting, so would like to continue to face such challenge in the future.

─ So Masaki Nao is a cool character.
My first impression to people is also more cool, but actually my character is opposite; I'm the type that even actively participate in variety show's batsu (punishment) game actually!

─ Swimsuit was featured for the first time in Nogizaka46's photobook release last month.
I think Its swimsuit with Nogizaka46's style, but still a bit nervous of it. I'm more resistant of it than of being covered with mud in batsu game even. (laughs)

─ In the movie you played the lover of a delinquent, what do you think of a more mischievous man?
People focused on fighting is indeed a bit scary...

─ Then, which kind of man are your type?
think someone who have what I do not have is great. Someone who is dedicated is nice.

 Thoughts on someone of the R25 (age 25) generation that's dedicated to work?
Very kakkoii (cool/handsome)! I always wanted really much an older brother. Someone who can teach me stuffs, and can play games together with me.

 If you are dating a R25 generation?
I quite look forward to taking a ride. Although its old-fashioned, but I want to go to the sea, or go look at the stars!

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