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16 Nin no Principal Deux: Info, Synopsis & Characters

Nogizaka46 Troupe - [Flower Garden Labyrinth] 

There exist a small island that can only be reached by small ships from the mainland (Japan).
On the island, resides a powerful family that achieved prosperity through fishery & tourism, the mysterious Nogi Family (野木家). However, the death of family head, Nogi Juichiro (野木 寿一郎), have caused a string of abnormal happenings & bickering between the family sisters. During this time, the detective-like Aketagawa (明田川 太郎) and young lads Sawamura (沢村 小坊主) enters the story. What future behold the sisters?


Nogi Hisako - 野木緋咲子
The always seemingly troubled elder sister of the Nogi Family. Hisako wishes to appear determined, but gets tired easily, & is unable to lead her sisters. Hisako have visual disorder, & seems to suffer from anemia.

Nogi Husako - 野木芙咲子
The second eldest sister of the Nogi Family, whom appears to be uninterested in things.
Husako is a romantist, the most proactive toward love of the three sisters, a sexy bomb that's never rushed but always composed & confident. Her most adept cooking is baking fruit atop the heater. Her interest is in making hair accessories.

Nogi Misako - 野木美咲子
The always crazy youngest sister of the Nogi Family, with a body like a princess.
Of the sisters (each with different mothers), she is the most beloved by Juichiro. Misako speaks with a sharp tongue, but is actually kind. Misako is an innocent & lovable girl, who like all things related to fish.

Itsumi - いつみ
The daughter between Juichiro & Lover #1. Itsumi does not reside on the island of the Nogi Family, & is basically an urban girl. Itsumi is seemingly never satisfied with anything. She dress fancily but lamely. Itsumi does not drink, yet carries the smell of an alcoholic. She also likes air tobacco.

Imawa Youko - 今和洋子
The daughter between Juichiro & Lover #23. Youko lives distantly from the Nogi Family, & do not desire intimacy with the Family. She is a girl of the summer, & aims to be a transparent woman.

Kitashima Ayame - 北島文目
The secretary of the Nogi Family with obvious ambition. Within the Nogi family, Ayame display obedience, but in front of the rigorous sisters, she always desire a life of splendor. Ayame likes anime & Arabia. Additionally, Ayame have a scheming personality despite her nice appearance. Nonetheless Ayame is well liked by the sisters, none of which hate her.

Sakae - 榮
The reliable family servant of the Nogi Family, with a very dramatic attitude.
Due to her love of theatre drama, Sakae often sport Takarazuka-like makeup. Sakae aims to one day play Juliet of Romeo & Juliet in the Empire's Theatre.

Imawa Seichi - 今和誠ㄧ
The adopted son of the Imawa Family. His mother is Lover #23, & he is Youko's brother without any blood relation. Seichi is a young man with an naive appearance. He is very daring, kind-hearted, but overly hearty. Seichi have a interesting one-of-the-kind fashion sense.

Aketagawa Taro - 明田川太郎
A 色男 that carries with him an aura of a detective. (色男 can mean beautiful man or a man who like to hang around girls.) Aketagawa likes to posture, and to build good relationship with all.

Sawamura Kobouzu - 澤村小坊主
Good friend with Aketagawa despite a significant difference in age.
Like to call Aketagawa "sensei". Sawamura get along with people better than Aketagawa, & is someone not to be underestimated.

The Group of Six Maids - 女中六人組
Elite maids of the Nogi Family whom will risk their lives with the words "Excuse me." They will often use "go" as a code to exchange information & giggles secretly afterward. These maids are no commoners.

*There are 3 male roles, and the play will include love scenes.
It is a straight-forward story of a murder scene and a detective case. Similar to "Detective Conan".

Voting system
In the previous Principal show, the top-voted 16 members were assigned roles based on their rank. This time, the audiences will have to decided on ONE member for each role! There are a total of sixteen roles, & for each, the audience will have to decide on who they think are most befitting of it. 

Writer: Rusty Van

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