Monday, December 3, 2012

Idol Genes; Higuchi Yuzu & Nakamoto Suzuka

Higuchi Hina

           Hinachima has an elder sister 2 years older named Higuchi Yuzu that is aspiring to become an actress / model. She is currently tied with the company known as Juniors that caters to U-20 artists; you can check out Yuzu's profile here. One of her works is a movie called "Ai No Shirushi" which was screened at a Japanese & Korean Art Festival known as the "Handmade Korea Fair 2011". You can also check out another video she was part of in 2011 for her training academy "Tenshi no suberidai".

Nakamoto Himeka

         Himetan's younger sister of a year, Nakamoto Suzuka, is currently the leader of the girl group Sakura Gakuin as well as their subunit called BABYMETAL. She is currently signed under the agency Amuse (you can check out the group's ameblo page here). The start of her career was when she won the grand prix award for the Bandai Jewel Drop Image Girl Contest in 2003. After that, she also won the grand prix award at Amuse's 2nd Annual Star Kids Audition that started Suzuka's career.


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